Safer Autumn


 Top tips on making sure you keep yourself and others safe this autumn

Be Safe this Halloween
It is good to have fun but for some this can be a worrying time for parents and others, particularly vulnerable people.

Keep everyone safe by:

  • Never letting young children go trick or treating on their own.
  • Ensuring children only visit people known to the family.
  • Setting guidelines for young people: to stay in a group and never go into the home of someone they don’t know; to leave a property where the ‘no trick or treat’ sign is displayed; not to use alcohol, flour or eggs and understand that they must not frighten people.
  • For more infomation 

Enjoy fireworks responsibly
They can be as beautiful as they can be dangerous, so for everyone’s safety ensure:

  • Children are supervised and never given sparklers under the age of 5.
  • Only buy fireworks from a reputable retailer and prepare in advance during daylight.
  • Follow the instructions carefully on the use of each type of firework.
  • Use eye protection and gloves and have a bucket of water nearby.

Be aware that it is illegal to:

  • Let fireworks off between 11pm and 7am except on Bonfire Night (midnight), Diwali, New Year and Chinese New Year (1am)
  • For anyone under the age of 18 to possess fireworks in a public place
  • Sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 18

More information Bonfires and fireworks safety 

Darker evenings highlight the need to stay visible when you are out and about, whether on foot or bike. Wear bright, reflective clothing and remember if you are on a bike it is a legal requirement to fit reflectors and lights.

Crime prevention tips for ensuring you and your property our safe and secure include:

  • Avoid leaving keys and valuables on display near doors or windows.
  • Always lock windows and doors before you go out or go to bed.
  • Store bins and gardening equipment securely so they can’t be used to break into your house.
    • Lock away valuable garden equipment and secure your shed.
  • Use timer switches to turn lights on and off if you go away, to give the illusion someone is home.
  • Consider fitting intruder alarms, door chains, a spy hole and external lights.
    • Security mark valuable items and keep receipts somewhere safe.
  • Always check the ID of cold callers – consider fitting a door chain or spy hole

More information and leaflets on crime prevention/Halloween/Fireworks

Be prepared for cold weather as exposure to cold temperatures, whether indoors or outdoors, can cause serious or life threatening health problems. Infants and the elderly are particularly at risk, but anyone can be affected.

Ensure your chimney has been swept if you intending using it, as a build up of soot can lead to a chimney fires which present a serious risk to your home and family.

Regularly check for worn or frayed electrical wires and do not use if damaged. Remember that using space heaters and fireplaces can increase the risk of household fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Take time out to check and replace batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.