Senior safety

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Protect your possessions

  • Secure your home and mark your property. Remember that even the best security equipment is useless unless it is used. Be sure to always lock up properly, even if you are just popping out for a few minutes.
  • If you spend a lot of time at home, your watchfulness can be invaluable to your community. You might consider joining your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Make sure to report any suspicious behaviour to the police at once.
  • Rogue traders are not always genuine or honest salespeople, they may try to push you into agreeing to having repairs on something they have noticed needs fixing, often at extortionate prices. Before having any work done on your home, seek the advice of someone you trust and get two or three quotes from other firms. Display a ‘No Doorstep Callers’ sticker in your window or on your door. You can sign up to receive free email alerts about rogues operating in your area, or report rogue traders at

Pension scams – these are on the increase

There are some common tell-tale signs that mean it could be a scam:

  • Being approached out of the blue over the phone, via text message or in person.
  • Not being given long to make a decision, or feeling pressured into making one immediately.
  • The only contact details given on their website are a mobile number and a PO box address.
  • A firm doesn’t want you to call.

When out and about

  • Keep alert and aware of your surroundings, especially in busy shops and crowded streets, where thieves and pickpockets may well be operating.
  • Keep a close watch on your valuables.
  • If using public transport, have your ticket, pass or change ready in your hand so that your wallet or purse is out of sight. Always wait for the bus or train in a well-lit place near other people if possible, and try and arrange for someone to meet you.