Canterbury Prevent Event October 2012

image of the eventA multi agency event was held on 12 October for the re-launch of the Prevent strategy which seeks to support people who may be vulnerable to radicalisation. The aim is to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism/radicalisation by ensuring that they are given appropriate advice and support. Working in partnership with a wide range of sectors (in particular education, faith, health, the internet and criminal justice) the aim is to respond to the ideological challenge of terrorism and those who promote it. The core element of this new strategy is for local risks to be identified, assessed, and a proportionate response and support provided.

Following the successful delivery of this event by the Canterbury Safety Unit, Canterbury Community Safety Partnership will continue to work in partnership with other organisations in supporting individuals vulnerable to recruitment by violent extremists.

This work will involve:

  • the formulation of a Canterbury Prevent local action plan.
  • establishing a multi-agency Prevent core group for Canterbury to collectively assess the support needs of identified vulnerable person based on risk and suitability and identify and procure appropriate support packages.

What the people said…

“I now have knowledge of where to go and how to make a referral when I come across any relevant suspicion”

“My knowledge has increased with regard to the Prevent agenda”

“I understand more about the process and ethos. Therefore, want to look more into staff training and awareness raising”

 “A very enjoyable, well organised event. I have gained knowledge around Prevent and will be able to disseminate information to staff ”

“ Excellent event with good presentations and information”