Keeping you safe on the road at schools

The community safety officers along with the Police, Kent Fire and Rescue, Community Wardens and our Parking team have been working with the schools and surrounding communities to reduce the build up of traffic in and around the primary aged schools at peek times when children are being dropped off or collected which can create a unsafe environment for young children and other road users.

We attend schools together at these peek times to help educate and inform people about the dangers and legality of parking irresponsibility, and are working with the schools to help reduce the build up of traffic around the schools by supporting walking buses, ride and stride and linking with parents and carers to help reduce this.

Think Park Smart

We through the joint work we have been doing we have created a new tool-kit to support and improve road safety in and around Schools especially at peek-times. We have the support of the Schools but we ask parents to support our safety message by Pledging to support the messages, please see the link at the side.

With the start of a new School Year why not try walking to School the benefits are great!

  • Reduces the congestion outside the school.
  • Improves air quality around the school.
  • Improves health benefits through walking to school.
  • Develops road safety skills in all pupils.
  • Improves Children’s awareness of their community and environment.

What a wow way to get to school

Families are encouraged to walk to and from school on Wednesdays. Children and parents do not travel as part of a formal walk to school scheme like a walking bus, they walk on their own.

Children are issued with WOW passport tally cards where they can fix special stickers they are given every time they walk to school on a Wednesday.

The KM Walk To School Team can provide schools with an optional trophy so that at the end of each week the class with the largest numbers of walkers can be presented with the trophy by the school’s head teacher in assembly.

Call or contact the KM Charities team on  08442 640292 or visit if you would like further information on this

Please see the links below for some great information and resources on this issue