Be safe this summer

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With the picturesque historic charms of the city, and our charming coastal towns with their beaches and cool breezes, Canterbury district is an ideal place to spend the summer. With this in mind, remember our:

Top tips to keep yourself and others safe this summer

Keep your valuables safe:

  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended, in view or in easy reach. Keep valuables in a bag or zipped away to the front of your body.
  • Lock your car and close all windows and sun roof. Take valuables with you. There is no hiding place for valuables in a car – thieves know where to look.
  • Get a good bike lock and always lock your bike to something secure such as a bike rack or lamppost.
  • More top tips available …

Ensure water safety:

  • Don’t jump or dive into water, as it can be deeper than it looks – with unseen hazards.
  • Even inland waters can be very cold, no matter how warm the weather.  So, be aware that this can quickly cause cramp and breathing difficulties.
  • Ensure safety in and around the swimming pool.
  • Block access to a swimming pool or hot tub to prevent accidental drowning.
  • Never leave children unsupervised around water.
  • Pay attention to pool or hot tub drains, hair or body parts can become trapped by the suction.
  • Be aware of the dangers of water.

Protect your beach hut …

  • Remove valuables at night.
  • Keep windows and doors locked.
  • Keeping your hut in good repair can deter would be fire setters as there are no easy ignition points.
  • Before leaving your hut unattended, check that any ignition sources are removed from the hut. Also check around the hut for litter which may provide fuel for a fire.
  • Keep an eye on your huts (including your neighbours’ huts) and report any damage as soon as possible to Canterbury City Council’s Foreshore team on 01227 266 719. For out of office hours please phone 01227 781 879. If your hut has been damaged you can report it to the police on 101.
  • Check out our ‘Advice on protecting your beach hut’ leaflet for further information.

Be aware of heat stroke and exhaustion:

Both heat exhaustion and stroke are serious conditions for children and adults. Please remember to:

  • Drink plenty of water and stay away from high calorie drinks, caffeine or alcohol.
  • Dress in light clothes and use air-conditioning or fan to keep the air circulated.
  • Babies need to be kept out of the sun and if someone does become overheated, try a cool bath to bring the body temperature down.

Enjoy your evenings out and keep yourself and others safe by: 

  • Staying with your friends and sticking to well-lit, open areas.
  • Drinking sensibly and staying in control -as alcohol can make you vulnerable and also make you do things you could regret later.
  • Not drink driving.
  • Knowing how you’re getting home before you go out.
  • Parking your vehicle in a garage, a secure car park or a well lit area.
  • Staying safe on nights out.


When enjoying the outdoor life, please remember:

Enjoying the beach:

Spending a day on the beach is usually fun and relaxing but it can also be dangerous. Being aware of the problems that you can face at the beach is the first step to keeping safe and enjoying  all the good things that a trip to the seaside brings. So remember:

  • To stay safe from the harmful side effects of sun exposure. Always wear sun tan lotion, sunhats and sunglasses.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Some currents are fine for some swimmers but difficult for people who are not as adept in the water or not as physically strong. Know your own limit within the water.
  • For more information …

Keep yourself and your property safe when at home or away …

  • Avoid leaving keys and other valuables on display near doors/windows and close windows and doors when you go out.
  • Keep garages and sheds locked.
  • Fit security measures such as door chains, burglar alarms and timed lights.
  • Always check the ID of cold callers.
  • When going away, use timers to operate lights and radios, and cancel regular deliveries. You could also ask a trusted neighbour to open and close the curtains at the start and end of the day.
  • Protect yourself and your property.

Enjoy the summer and allow others to enjoy it too …

  • Be tolerant of young people who will also want to enjoy the summer – playing ball games and being with their friends isn’t necessarily anti-social behaviour.
  • Be considerate – if you’re planning an event or party avoid conflict and inform your neighbours beforehand.
  • Don’t suffer in silence – report anti-social behaviour by calling 101.

Canterbury is a safe and enjoyable place to enjoy the summer. By taking a few precautions, you can ensure you don’t end up feeling hot and bothered.

Visit our website:, for further information and details of services provided by the Canterbury Community Safety Partnership.

The Partnership wishes you all a happy, healthy and safe summer!